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Exploring Web3 is an obvious choice for the Webedia group, whose DNA has always been the creation of content and the animation of communities of enthusiasts around a strong technological base, and in a multi-platform distribution logic.
By creating Webedia3, the group’s objectives are to develop an internal culture linked to the challenges of Web3, to launch and support Webedia’s Web3 projects, and to provide full support to its clients.

Web3 consulting & acculturation

Webedia3 offers various types of support to raise awareness of the many aspects of Web3 (Blockchain, NFTs, metaverses, …), including advising its advertisers in understanding these phenomena and in creating solutions to engage audiences around Web3.

Creating experiences and activations in the metaverse

Webedia3 takes care of the development of your immersive and meta-versions experiences, and associates them with influence, media and social network devices to guarantee optimal visibility and strong community engagement.

An NFT module to engage communities

NFTs play a major role in the Web3 ecosystem and represent a strong cornerstone for community creation and activation. Webedia3 has developed its proprietary NFT module (adapted to Web2 and Web3) to engage communities (food, movies, gaming) and offer you an adapted support.

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