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Top creators from social and video networks have become the muses of younger generations, capable of reaching millions of fans. Because we believe in their talent and their ability to renew creative and artistic codes, we give them the means to produce, distribute and monetise their content across all platforms.



Content production and IP development

We imagine and co-produce entertainment formats with our creators, aimed at their online communities or broadcast on television or video-on-demand platforms.

We also help our creators to pursue their ambitions and development projects, covering live events, book publishing, music publishing, consumer products and more.

Pop Corn
Distribution for creators

Content distribution

Thanks to our unique processes and tools developed for our teams of video producers and social managers, we enable all top creators to extend their coverage and their communities beyond their original platform, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Brand partnerships

Top creators are new ways for brands to effectively reach generations of digital native consumers.

From sponsorship to premium branded content, our job is to connect brands to the most relevant creators for their communications, respecting their community, their tone and their DNA.

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