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Using our leading media brands, creators and technology solutions, we help brands communicate effectively with digital audiences and communities. Our unique services combine advertising, brand content, influence and audiovisual production to ensure creativity, visibility, trust and efficiency with consumers.

Premium media

With more than 60 essential sites on entertainment, we offer premium showcases for advertising campaigns, with impactful formats and optimised visibility.

Our formats are available through direct and programmatic sales, with a proprietary stack ensuring the best purchase and display conditions for our partners.

Our sites also offer powerful and hyper-contextual association and sponsorship deals (cinema, gaming, food, travel, entertainment, etc.).

Instream video ads

In-stream video advertising

Webedia has become a major player in online video. Each month more than 200 million videos are generated on our sites worldwide, and more than 2 billion are viewed on the YouTube channels that we publish or those of our creators.

With high visibility and completion performance, our in-stream video advertising service is available through direct and programmatic sales, offering thematic contexts, socio-demographic targeting and content sponsorship.

As a major partner of YouTube worldwide, Webedia has the ability to market video advertising inventory on our own channels and the ones in our network (YouTube partner sales program).

Brand content

Since its inception, Webedia has placed content at the heart of the values we represent for advertising partners.

Our know-how and tools as a leading digital publisher allow us to produce the best creative content for brands and distribute them as much as possible: from dedicated sections on our sites to the production of hero videos represented by the most powerful influencers through social media engagement content and more.

Inox - Clash Royale 2022

Influence and production

From social, tactical and engaging content to first-class audiovisual and live event projects, we are able to activate the most relevant creators and influencers to work with our best production teams on our partnerss ambitions.

Our studios support brands and agencies with the most sophisticated brand content projects: TV commercials, gaming show, esports competition, liveshopping, livecooking, web series, podcasts and more.

Social media

Our teams of social managers support brands and their agencies with devising and implementing their social media strategies and campaigns.

Using our editorial capacity and our existing communities (movies, gaming, entertainment, food, travel, esports, etc.), we are able to produce the most suitable content and distribute it in the best format, on the most suitable platform, targeting the most appropriate audience

Social media

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