Marina Croce is the new CEO of Webedia Brasil

February 7, 2024 - 

The executive takes over the position after 3 years as Deputy CEO and will run the company jointly with COO Thiago Leme

Marina Croce has been with Webedia Group for almost 10 years and takes over as CEO of Webedia Brasil. Since 2020, she has served as Deputy CEO in the new management model implemented by Tarek Homsi, who is now taking over. The management will be joint with Thiago Leme, who continues as COO, a position he assumed three years ago.

In Brazil, Webedia owns content brands such as TudoGostoso, AdoroCinema, MinhaVida, Purepeople and IGN Brasil, as well as a complete audiovisual production structure (Webedia Studios) and a strategic influencer marketing operation (Webedia Creators). According to Comscore data, more than 39.3 million people access Webedia Brasil’s verticals every month, reaching 29.7% of Brazil’s digital population.

With a degree in Law from UERJ, a post-graduate degree in Documentary Film from FGV and an MBA in Management from PUC-Rio, Marina Croce has a special interest in cinema, cooking and healthy living. She structured the group’s legal department in Brazil, leading the M&A operations of Parafernalha, Digital Stars, Hypeness, Nerd ao Cubo and Minha Vida. As Deputy CEO, she led the implementation and operation of the project management unit created for the execution and monitoring by senior management of the main strategic initiatives central to the multinational’s business, with a significant transformational role.
Marina was also in charge of cross-cutting areas such as audiences and social media, some of the company’s main brand services projects, and the group’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Thiago Leme has a degree in Engineering and has also been with Webedia for almost 10 years, where he started as head of video production. Since then, he has combined his passion for gaming and expertise in Brand Services in his professional career. In 2018, he took over as head of the branded services market intelligence division, working with brands such as Ubisoft Brasil, XBOX, Leroy Merlin, Nestlé and L’Oréal. He also served as general director of Fluent, the company’s brand publishing area responsible for producing content for brands, with a structure of 250 professionals and a portfolio of more than 28 clients, including Uber, Aché, P&G and J&J. In 2021, he became COO and now begins a shared management role with the new CEO.

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