Webedia for Good : our corporate social RESPONSIBILITY initiatives

Clean Tatra Mountains

Our values in action

Thanks to our broad coverage of digital audiences and the deep commitment of our employees, Webedia is proud to support social and societal actions reaching as many people as possible.

“Webedia For Good” brings together our actions and initiatives. From gender equality to diversity and inclusion, we promote great causes and support associations with the help of our media outlets, creators and production studios. We also devise in-house initiatives – these are led by employees so that they are agents of change. The many projects we have implemented so far have been the fruit of the effective harnessing of Webedia’s talents and our professional activities

Gender equality

Webedia is very committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

In each country where the company operates, we have run initiatives to promote the place of women in the creative industries and management positions.

An inclusive and benevolent network – “Women at Webedia” – was created in 2019. It aims to promote women in the company through several mentoring programmes and internal events.

Gender Equality


At Webedia we mobilise our employees to reduce the carbon footprint of our consumer activities and within our offices.

With more than 60 major websites published around the world, we pursue an eco-design policy to constantly improve our codes in order to reduce their environmental impact.

 “Green office” is an internal collaborative initiative that aims to reduce Webedia’s plastic footprint and improve waste sorting and recycling.

The company supports associations or events involved in preserving our planet (Surfriders, Clean Tatra Mountains and more).

Inclusion and diversity

Since 2018, Webedia France has been hosting middle school students from the Priority Education Network in order to give them access to digital professions. Our ambition is to inspire them in their choice of career, internship, university and professional path and to stimulate new vocations.

In Latin America and the USA, the company supports several associations and underprivileged families by holding help days involving the purchase of raw materials, cooking workshops, etc.

Webedia Brasil’s D&I Committee is a propositional space for action, aiming to bring more diversity to the company both internally – by means of debates, training sessions and initiatives to review our recruitment and career development processes -, and in our external communication, with coordinated initiatives with our verticals and productions.


Webedia takes part in many charity events in our various territories.

In France the company regularly supports the Téléthon and Solidarité Sida.

In the USA, The Boxoffice Company supports several associations (such as Ability Beyond, American Red Cross and Dorothy Day)

In Poland, GetHero, the No.1 talent agency with its team of creators and influencers (Ekipa), has run many initiatives to help raise funds to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland. The Webedia Group supports this initiative more broadly through donations to  associations supported by GetHero.

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