Webedia Spain becomes the second-largest publishing group in Spain

January 15, 2024 - 

The Webedia Group starts the year with good news in Spain. According to GFK data, it ranks as the second-largest publishing media group in Spain.

Nearly 23 million unique users consult Webedia Span’s media for information and entertainment on a daily basis, a result that sees Webedia move up one place in the publishing group rankings, from third to second place and just over half a million users from first place.

This milestone is based on the solid leadership of our titles in each of the verticals in which we work. Now it’s time to reach the top!


To talk about technology in Spain is to talk about Webedia. In November, Webedia reached 16.5 million unique users, 7% more than the previous month, doubling the next editorial group in the vertical in Spain. XATAKA, the sector’s leading media outlet, increased its audience to 12.3 million, tripling the following media outlet specializing in technology.


Webedia continues to lead the category with 8.674 million visitors, 4 million more than the second-largest editorial group specializing in cinema and series. Our vertical media, SensaCine and Espinof, occupy first and second place in the film titles table, with 6 and 5.6 million unique users per month respectively.


Webedia maintains a solid leadership position with 5.3 million unique visitors, more than a million more than the next vertical group. By media, 3DJuegos continues to lead the media list with 4.5 million unique visitors.


Directo Al Paladar continues its undisputed leadership in the food sector, with truly incredible audience figures. Over 8 million visitors last November, a user volume greater than the sum of the five media following it on the list.


Webedia continues to dominate the sector with 10.8 million users, two and a half million more than the next publishing group in the vertical. Trendencias maintains its good momentum, with 4.5 million visitors.

*Data from the News/Information and Publishers editorial groups.
* Digital consumption data from GfK DAM in November 2023.

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