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We scout new talent. From the most powerful youtubers to the most expert influencers on their issues, we help new digital creators with their artistic productions, content distribution, community development and their collaborations with brands.


nano influence

+1.4m consumers

We activate consumers willing to share their personal experiences with a brand or product they like. Because they are authentic and trustworthy, our 1+ million ambassadors have significant power to recommend products to their friends and family (online and offline) and generate a potent word of mouth effect on social media.

micro influence

+400K influencers

We offer a pool of creators ranging from micro to mid-influence to share branded content with their communities.

Our influencers are experts in many different universes such as Entertainment, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Tech or Travel, and on all platforms from TikTok to Instagram through Twitch, Twitter or Youtube.

Top creators

+400 influencers

In a world of personalised feeds and algorithmic recommendations we believe in the attractiveness of strong personalities, capable of uniting large communities of fans around their passions.

Our job is to support these rising stars with the development, co-production and distribution of their content, and help them to link up with the most prestigious partners.

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