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Webedia owns and operates a wide network of multi-local leading websites, social pages and communities, specialising in the entertainment and recreation industries.

Every month our 60+ digital media brands reach over 250 million unique visitors. They are followed by over 150 million fans on social networks and generate more than 750 million video views per month.

We develop a unique process of content distribution across all platforms, tested by our own media and made available to prestigious third-party content producers and publishers.

Our verticals

Movie Network


70+ million UV each month – #1 in 5 countries
380+ million followers on social media
8+ million community members

The Boxoffice Company is the Webedia’s unit that brings together our cinema-related activities. It is also the world’s leading provider of media, technology and data services to the film industry. We run a global network of local leading websites, social media pages and communities of movies and series fans, mainly in Europe and Latin America.

We also partner with leading film search and discovery platforms, studios, distributors and exhibitors of all sizes to help them connect directly with their audiences through the latest innovations in online sales, business intelligence and digital marketing.

Gaming Network


35+ million UV each month – #1 in Europe
20+ million followers on social media
3+ million community members

Webedia publishes one of the world’s leading networks of media brands dedicated to videogame news and the #1 in Europe, with leading websites in their countries, major social pages and a large community of enthusiasts.

Webedia Esports network


4+ million UV each month
2+ million followers on social media

Webedia is a major player in Esports with a global media brand (MGG) present in 6 countries, including a premium TV channel in France (MGG TV).

Webedia also produces somes of the biggest Esport leagues such as the LFL (League of Legends) in France, as well as Esports tournaments at national and global levels for the most important videogame publishers and brands.

Food Network


50+ million UV each month – #1 in Spain and Brazil
35+ million followers on social media
1+ million community members

Food at Webedia is above all a precious human and social adventure. Through our powerful media brands available across leading local websites, strong social pages and activable communities, our mission is to educate people about the simplicity of eating well.

We draw on our editorial know-how and the power of our assets to develop content projects for major brands and influencers in the food sector.

Entertainment Network


30+ million each month
16+ million followers on social media

This is where it all started. Webedia’s entertainment network is home to all our media brands dedicated to livenews about stars and people, television and media, pop culture and music, creative industries and more.

We have unique, long-established expertise in understanding digital audiences and addressing new content distribution platforms.

Lifestyle Network


10+ million UV each month
15+ million followers on social media

Webedia’s lifestyle network is made up of leading media brands in the worlds of health and well-being, women’s engagement, knowledge and learning, home decoration, shopping and fashion.

Tech Network


28 million UV each month
4 million followers on social media

With leading media brands in the fields of high-tech, IT and social networks, Webedia’s tech network brings together websites and social pages, especially in Spain and Latin America.

We help the biggest brands in the industry to devise and implement their communication and content creation strategies aimed at expert or amateur consumers.

Travel Network


7 million UV each month
3+ million followers on social networks

Webedia’s travel network publishes major media and service brands in the travel industry and supports the largest tourism partners in their communication and content production projects.

It includes easyVoyage, a major travel and price comparison website in Europe, and its variations dedicated to finding the best deals on flights, hotels, campsites and breaks.

Travel Network


10 million UV each month

Webedia’s new Sport vertical is being developed around several digital brands covering all sports, whether through articles or video formats for all social platforms.

Travel Network


4 million UV each month

Webedia accelerates and structures its automotive vertical with the acquisition of L’Automobile Magazine.

The brand has developed strongly in the digital world with its automobile-magazine.fr website. This site attracts an average of 4 million unique visitors a month.

Comprising some fifteen sites dedicated to the automobile and mobility, this leading offering in the automotive advertising market totals 15.8 million unique visitors every month, from ultra-affluent and intentional audiences.

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