Xataka Home, a new vertical dedicated to home technology

July 2, 2024 - 

Xataka Latam is pleased to announce the launch of Xataka Home, a new vertical dedicated to home technology! The objective of this new vertical is to provide our readers with effective information for better decision making regarding the purchase of home technology products.

Mexico City, May, 2024.- With the goal of expanding our coverage and providing valuable information to our readers, Xataka Home will focus on current home-related products, helping people get the most out of them and make informed decisions when making their purchases.

We are committed to providing educational and practical content, including tips, advice and tricks that transform the home experience. We want to offer our audience not just information, but an enriching and useful experience, making us their trusted source for all things related to home technology.

From 2023 through the first quarter of 2024, we have analyzed our users, behavior based on their search criteria regarding white goods, appliances and home technology. Using Google Analytics as a source, our analysis shows that these searches represent, on a monthly average, more than 9 million unique users, 20 million pageviews and 16 million sessions interested in the topic.

To provide the best possible editorial coverage, Xataka Home will collaborate with various brands of home appliances and other household products. We will leverage our existing relationships and seek new partnerships to ensure we provide comprehensive and diverse coverage. Our communication plan includes establishing links with brands with which we do not yet have contact, thus ensuring a broad and varied vision.

We consolidate our commitment not only to our audiences by offering quality content as a result of their search demands, but also to our clients, to whom we offer a window of great exposure for their products, brands and services with the numbers behind Xataka Latam.

With Xataka Home, we are committed to being the definitive resource for all things related to technology in the home, and we invite our customers to join us in this exciting new venture!

All coverage can be followed on the Xataka Home microsite (https://www.xataka.com.mx/categoria/home),

as well as on the main cover of Xataka Mexico (https://www.xataka.com.mx/) and our social channels:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XatakaMexico/
  • X: https://twitter.com/xatakamexico
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  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/xatakamexicotv

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