PURR Media, a new marketing agency within Polish structures of Webedia Group

October 11, 2022 - 

We present PURR Media, a new entity within the Polish structures of Webedia Group. The autonomous marketing agency now offers full spectrum of services – from drawing up marketing strategies to carrying out market research and delivering expert reports.

On 11.10.2022, a new organizational unit, under the PURR Media brand, was founded within the Polish structures of the Webedia Group, intended to provide comprehensive marketing services. Its offer is addressed to customers interested not only in advertising in gaming, but also, more broadly, in entertainment and technology sectors. The parent company of PURR Media remains GRY-Online SA, owned by the Webedia Group.

“Our team’s expertise has been reaching beyond gaming for a long time,” says Anna Ozimkowska, Head of Agency. “Hence, creating an agency that would offer a comprehensive range of services, either as part of standard campaigns or more unusual needs of specific clients, was only natural.”

From classic advertising campaigns, through e-sports, influencer activations and video production, to non-standard campaigns such as contests, lotteries, photo sessions and much more; in essence – everything that a conscious brand needs is here.

“For me, the cat-inspired name of PURR Media has an obvious connotation – cats are extremely flexible, they can squeeze into the smallest gaps and take almost any shape they wish. Purring, on the other hand, is a sign of content. Our agency aims to respond to the needs of customers in the era of rapidly changing markets, and make each campaign a joyful experience, both for our Partners and the recipients of these campaigns.” she adds.

A fresh brand doesn’t mean lack of experience – part of our team was derived from the existing marketing structures of GRY-OnLine, and many of the people constituting it can boast of more than 20 years of experience in implementing campaigns for such clients as mBank, Wedel, BLIK, VISA, Microsoft, Playstation, Ubisoft, ASUS, Media Expert, Media Markt and many others.

“We have carried out over 2,500 promotional campaigns for over 200 brands,” explains Klaudia Urbaniak, Head of Influencer Marketing. “The times of simple campaigns that merely involved ads on websites are over. In order to avoid idleness, we smoothly transitioned to implementing more complex projects that require involvement of dozens of people. Working at the frontier of gaming and other domains while carefully planning each stage of the client’s campaign, we mainly want to make sure that our recommendations fully satisfy the needs of a given campaign. This gives us particular appreciation of the importance of internet creators, or more specifically – of their precise and conscious choice. Another huge advantage of our brand is the comfort and capabilities that stem from working within the structures of a global media group. As a result, extensive experience in implementation of projects is not only local, but, to a large extent, global.”

Not just marketing

Although a significant portion of PURR Media’s activities are focused on various elements of the marketing mix, the brand has also developed robust advisory and research capabilities. Thanks to close cooperation with the Polish Gamers Observatory initiative, the agency has access to the most up-to-date knowledge about the Polish population of video game players, both children and adults. It already offers two unique reports created in cooperation with external experts on the basis of the latest surveys: Polish Gamers Research and Polish Gamers Research KIDS.

The Polish Gamers 2022 report comprehensively describes players aged 15-65.
The Polish Gamers KIDS 2022 report comprehensively describes underage players aged 9-15.

PURR Media official site: https://purr.media/en/

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