Webedia Brazil : Minha Vida, Hypeness and AdoroCinema team up with Nutren Senior to support the Pro-Aging movement

April 12, 2022 - 

Brand from Nestlé Health Science portfolio launches campaign with Webedia Brazil’s websites.

Nutren Senior, a Nestlé Health Science brand, and Webedia Brazil have joined forces to open a dialogue about aging and how growing old is part of life and can be a very good thing. The mission was to demystify aging and free the senior public from stereotypes, prejudices and impositions. The websites Minha Vida, Hypeness and AdoroCinema were chosen to talk to the public interested in health, well-being and entertainment, which is the focus of the campaign.

Claudio Torres Gonzaga, 60, director, screenwriter, and comedian; Lilian Damião, 64, art therapist and dance professional; and Maria Cristina, 74, social researcher, participate in a video experiment to demystify images commonly associated with this age group, such as retired people who are unoccupied or knitting at home. The main motto of the content can be summed up in the expression “Pro-age”, showing that those who are over 50 also remain active, work, take care of themselves, have desires and dreams, without leaving aside the strength of their history and experience.

The Pro-Age movement is the natural evolution of the deconstruction of aging that Nutren Senior began in previous campaigns. “The Nutren Senior brand has the great ambition of becoming the reference brand for the 50+ public in Brazil. Our new campaign takes another step in this direction, proposing a movement to value age and the experience of our audience, the Pro-Age. We want to show that there is no right way to grow old, but that this public is increasingly deconstructing standards, living longer and more actively. And Nutren Senior is by their side, so that they take care of themselves to live well today and tomorrow”. Luciana Buzolin, Head of Marketing of Nestlé Health Science consumer line.

The entire campaign was produced and designed in partnership with Minha Vida, Hypeness and AdoroCinema, where it was broadcast. Commercial director of Health, Beauty and Glamour at Webedia Brazil, Lais Guedes explained how the strategy was developed. “We have a history that proves our deep knowledge in people interested in the target audience. For Nutren Senior, we will unite all the potential reach and expertise of our verticals to talk to the audience about the Pró-Idade campaign and generate reflections on how this age group is seen by society.”

The video made for Nutren Senior was released on exclusive pages of the brand on Webedia’s sites, which also have text content with the video unfolding to complement the reflection on the theme Pro-Age. The approach was defined according to the site, to inform and educate the audience in a light, creative way that made sense with the targets of each site.

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