Webedia France : The first Counter-Strike competition in France is coming on May 21st at the Accor Arena, in partnership with Webedia!

September 12, 2022 - 

For the first time in France, the best counter-strike video teams in the world will meet in Paris during the BLAST.tv PARIS CS:GO Major, organized in partnership with Webedia.

More than 10 years after its release, the latest Counter-Strike opus is still at the height of its glory. Building on the reputation of its big brother released in 1998, CS:GO owes its success to its large community of more than 35 million players connected each month worldwide. Valve, the publisher of the game Counter Strike, entrusts for the first time the organization of this Major Counter-Strike with a cash prize of 1.25 million dollars, to BLAST. Already known by the international gaming community as a leader in the organization of esport tournaments, BLAST confirms its expertise in the field. The online platform BLAST.tv will be the place to be for the Paris Major 2023, where fans will be able to be close to the action.

Innovative and never-before-seen features will allow fans to customize their viewing experience, relive key and exciting moments, and have an impact on the action unfolding before their eyes. Over the past few years, France has become a hotbed of production for some of the best talent in esports and Counter-Strike. Deeply rooted in the CS:GO scene, France has developed some of the most beloved teams and players in the community.

After talking about Zevent, Emmanuel Macron announced: “The second reason for this message was also to give you news about the events I committed to a few months ago, when the eSports players came to the Élysée Palace and asked me to mobilize France so that we could be there. I wanted to give you this news: France will host two major international events in 2023 and 2024. Next year in 2023 in May, the BLAST TV MAJOR Counter Strike will be held in Paris. The very 1st MAJOR Counter Strike will be organized in France and will take place at the Accor Arena in Paris, in less than 10 months. I know that this news was highly anticipated.” 

In April 2022, Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to take a strategic approach and continue to create the conditions that will make France the country of video games: video game tax credit, financing and training to attract productions, not to mention esports, another area of French excellence, with teams such as Team Vitality or Karmine Corp. He declared on this subject

“In this respect, we have a historic opportunity: the 2024 Olympics. It’s up to us to take advantage of this opportunity to link the Olympics of both worlds by hosting the world’s biggest sporting events that year: a CS:GO major, the League of Legends Worlds and The International of Dota 2. If the French trust me, we will work on it as soon as I am elected. This is also the influence of France.”

For the production of this Major 2023, BLAST will rely on Webedia, the leading esport company in France.

The opening of the ticketing will be soon! 

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