Webedia Poland : Influencer marketing is a speeding wheel. Leaders in this business need to stay up to date

March 14, 2022 - 

Time is changing, but brands are always looking for new ways to reach their consumers. Marketing departments are well aware of the enormous power of influencer outreach – and they want to use it to their advantage.

Instead of professional executions based on detailed scenarios, marketers increasingly rely on comprehensive cooperation with online creators. Influencers who are able to create their own ideas, turn them into materials and then share them on their own feeds are extremely valuable partners for brands.

– Close contact, a common language and similar values are the factors that have allowed influencers to create an extremely strong bond with their audience. Brands love to use it – explains Tobiasz Wybraniec, CEO and co-founder of GetHero Agency, part of Webedia Group in Poland.

However, the style and characteristics of the work of individual creators are very different from the ones followed by professional business. This is the reason why both sides need the agency’s support.

– We could say we play the role of a broker between a brand willing to use the potential of a creator and an influencer who we help to develop this potential each and every day. Digital marketing, which precisely targets the preferences of young people, has already become our specialty. This is a completely new, dynamic area that is not described in Kotler’s manuals. It is an environment that requires us to keep an open mind and be constantly updated in order not to fall off the rushing wheel – explains Tobiasz Wybraniec.

GetHero agency has already carried out thousands of campaigns in such industries as beauty and fashion, FMCG, consumer electronics and appliances, as well as in the automotive, parenting and gaming sectors. Specialists from Wroclaw, Poland, take care of over 150 influencers who operate on most platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and also Twitch and Discord.

 – Just 1-2 years ago I would say that there are sectors in which influencer marketing does not work. Today this is no longer true – notes the CEO of GetHero.

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