May 22, 2023 - 

Webedia’s networks continue its uninterrupted growth, which is reflected in the group’s figures and importance, which saw a record April. According to the latest GFK report, Webedia gained 2.8 million users in Spain this month, an increase of 15.6% that puts us in fourth place in the rankings, now very close to the podium of our country’s major traditional publishing groups.

With an audience of over 20.5 million unique users in Spain alone, Webedia has moved up two places in the table. This fourth position is the result of phenomenal work in all areas of publishing, which has enabled the company’s media to be leaders in all the verticals in which we work.

A new leader in gaming

In gaming, 3Djuegos has regained its historic position in the market, once again becoming the category’s leading medium after many months, with 3.6 million unique users, a sharp increase of 47.7% on March. The strong connection with the community is reflected in the average daily number of users, a section in which 3Djuegos also stands out with 540,000 users, 2.5 times more than the second-ranked medium.

This leadership also extends to Webedia Gaming. The group’s media, which include Vida Extra and Millenium, reached 4.5 million unique users, 30% more than the second-largest media group in Spain. Particularly noteworthy are the results achieved by Vida Extra, which boasts almost 2 million unique users and also ranks among the top five media dedicated to video games.


Don’t say technology, say Xataka

The results are just as spectacular in the technology vertical, where Webedia recorded growth of almost 26% to exceed 14 million unique users. An incredible figure that represents 70% of the category’s reach in Spain, with 6 of the Group’s media in the vertical’s Top 10.

And of course, a large part of this figure is due to the solid and undisputed leadership of Xataka, the leading Spanish-language technology media and already positioned as one of the most important editorial brands in our country. Xataka as a media outlet has more than 9.7 million users, representing an increase of 27.6% on March according to GfK measurements.

The Xataka brand has 12.65 million users, making it the eighth most relevant brand in the editorial media category, in direct competition with all general media.


Espinof and SensaCine top the “Films” category

In the entertainment category, the Group maintains its leadership with 7.3 million visitors. This figure confirms the undisputed leadership of Webedia Movies, which exceeded 7.3 million visitors.

In terms of media, Webedia brands occupy the top two positions in the Spanish film and TV media ecosystem. Espinof has grown by almost 30% to take first place with almost 5 million users, while SensaCine is in second place with 4.6 million users.


DAP dominates gastronomy with an iron fist

In the gastronomy segment, DAP maintains its strong leadership position, with a growth of almost 40% in April to reach 6.5 million unique users, according to GFK. This figure represents 4 million more than the second-ranked medium, and an audience similar to that of the next four media combined.

The figures for the lifestyle vertical are equally spectacular. The group’s media reached almost 10 million users, an increase of almost 36% on March, putting us once again at the top of the category, with 1.5 million more users than the next media group.

Trendencias received 4.6 million visitors, representing growth of almost 46% compared to March, according to GfK, and placing it in the Top 3 media, close to the top spot.

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