Webedia Spain celebrates the big Formula 1 party with ‘F1 22’

November 14, 2022 - 

Tires to the max, adrenaline at the limit and a lot of excitement. That’s what we lived in Webedia Spain recently after organizing an event for all lovers of Formula 1.

And how did we do it? With the ‘F1 22’ video game, essential to move us to the most iconic car circuits and, ultimately, to celebrate a full-fledged party. And if that wasn’t enough, we had some of the most representative figures of YouTube, Twitch and other platforms.

The race between these titans with the popular EA Sports title was held on El Stream, the official Twitch channel of the group, on October 27th at 8 pm. A two-hour show with participants such as DJMariiO, Kolderiu, Pazos64 or Korah, who had a great time and gave us a competitive evening full of maneuvers and reflexes of steel.

Apart from broadcasting it through the El Stream channel, 90% of the streamers who participated —more than 15— also did the same with their profiles. And the same happened with DUX, the eSports club of reference in Spain at both a sporting and competitive level.

In addition, although it was not originally planned for this action, DJMariiO, Kolderiu and many other ‘pilots’ multiplied the hype for the race in their networks to connect with their followers. A clear example that sport, whether real or virtual, is capable of reaching the hearts of fans while transmitting a message of effort and healthy competition.

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