Webedia Spain : Rubius will celebrate his ten years as a content creator with a documentary on Amazon Prime Video

November 19, 2021 - 

Produced by Vizz and Noob Studios (Webedia), this documentary will analyze the most outstanding milestones of the youtuber’s career.

40 million followers and 7 billion plays on YouTube. More than 15 million followers on Twitter and Instagram and 10 million followers on Twitch. These are figures that Rubius, the largest Spanish-speaking content creator, has achieved after a decade dedicated to digital entertainment. And it will soon be the tenth anniversary of his first video published on Google’s platform, a milestone that will be reflected in a documentary.

“Rubius X”, produced by talent representation agency Vizz and digital production company Noob Studios, both part of the Webedia group, will be released early next year on Amazon Prime Video in 240 countries and territories. The documentary will have as its starting point the day Rubius uploaded his first video as a youtuber to his channel, and from there, it will review his career in the field of digital entertainment through some of his most celebrated videos and highlights of these years.

“The success of Rubius, like other creators who accompanied him a decade ago, is that they all started with a visualization and today accumulate billions of views on Twitch or YouTube,” explained Jose Arcas, director of strategy and business development of NOOB. “Their biggest contribution is to send a clear message that making content is within everyone’s reach, and that the best way to do it is to be true to yourself.”

In addition, other casters, youtubers and relevant content creators from the national and international scene will also participate in the film. Thus, personalities such as Mangel, Alexby or Cheeto, who have accompanied and shared moments with Rubius throughout this time, will intervene with their experiences about how his communication and creativity has helped to define the language of youtubers and the gaming community.

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