Webedia France : “Le Feu” the new 100% social media that will set the kitchen on fire!

December 21, 2021 - 

Embodied by four emblematic personalities of the new generation of chefs, this new editorial brand will offer weekly video formats combining cooking and entertainment, and adapted to all platforms. 

Webedia – France’s leading online entertainment group with 30 million unique visitors*, and one of the leaders in online cooking with its 750g and Académie du goût brands – is launching a new 100% social editorial brand embodied by four iconic chefs: “Le Feu”.

“Le Feu” is that adrenaline-filled moment when a dish comes to fruition; it’s the rush in a restaurant brigade or when guests arrive at home; it’s the pressure we put on ourselves when we try a new recipe that’s a little more technical than usual…

This brand new media ecosystem, centred on cooking, will offer original and entertaining video formats every week on all social platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok). It was conceived in collaboration with four well-known personalities from the world of gastronomy and the media.


These young emblematic, authentic and popular chefs will be keen to unite complementary communities of cooking enthusiasts and beginners of all ages around videos that are in turn fun, playful or educational:

Juan Arbelaez: at the head of 11 restaurants, this French-Colombian chef offers colourful and tasty world cuisine.
Julien Duboué: a young chef from the Landes region and an ambassador of South-Western cuisine, he runs BOULOM, a huge buffet that combines local and producer cuisine.
Noémie Honiat: pastry chef, French and Belgian Dessert champion, finalist in Top Chef in 2014, Noémie is also host of “C’est du gâteau” on Netflix.
Denny Imbroisi: of Calabrian origin, this sunny and spontaneous chef – at the head of 3 restaurants in Paris – has a perfect command of Italian and Mediterranean flavours.

This colourful team will regularly welcome guests in the episodes, personalities from the world of cooking, culture, sport, media…


The ambition of this new media and culinary brand is threefold:

  • Engage the under 40s: to reconnect urban targets with the pleasure of cooking via all the new content consumption platforms.
  • Transmit good eating: in line with the Webedia group’s commitments, nutritional quality and the simplicity of good eating will be placed at the centre of productions.
  • Entertain by learning: using the codes of social and video entertainment formats to apply them to the world of cooking.

“Le Feu is the result of our desire to transform our approach to the culinary medium and of our meetings with Juan, Julien, Noémie and Denny, who carry an infectious authenticity and vitality. By exploring the possibilities of social networks and working on new creative concepts, we hope to renew and develop interest in cooking in a different way,” explains Antoine Meunier, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Publishing and Marketing at Webedia.

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